Local Area Guide: Things To Do / Activities / Attractions





Skiing and Snowboarding                              Cross-Country Skiing


Snow Tubing                                         Snowmobile and Snowshoe Tours

Ogden and Weber County are full of fun activities for all ages, for more winter activities CLICK HERE.


Mountain Biking and Hiking


Boating, Kayaking, Swimming and Water Recreation.



Fly fishing is very popular on both the Weber and Ogden Rivers, which are just minutes from the Moose Hollow, Cascade, and Wolf Lodge Condos!

To see more summer-time activities, including non-outdoor related entertainment CLICK HERE.

Restaurants and Bars

Utah is a unique place, both in beauty and in alcohol laws.  When going out to eat or heading out for a drink, there are a few things you need to know.  Utah has two designations that affect how alcohol is served.  Resturants with a special license can serve alcohol but you must eat food to be allowed to order a drink.   There are also a lot of restuarants that do not serve alcohol at all.  Establishments with a bar designation allow you to drink alcohol without ordering a bite to eat.  Many places with a bar designation do also serve food, but they are not required to do so!  Also, all draft beer, even if it looks like something you've had before, it is all 3.2% alcohol by volume.  Bottled beer at certain establishments will be higher in alcohol content.  You must buy beer from a state controlled liquor store for it to be full-strength, if you purchase from a gas station or grocery store, it will be 3.2% by volume.  Confusing right?  But don't worry, going out in Utah is still fun!

CLICK HERE to see a list of restuarants, bars, and eateries!

Located close by in Arbor Lodge in Eden, Outpost Spirits is the only liquor store in the Ogden Valley.
Find a wide selection of wine, spirits, and high point beer. Special orders are available upon request.
Open Monday - Saturday, from 10am to 8 pm. Closed holidays.


Ogden and Eden have a variety of wellness related opportunities from gyms and yoga classes, to massages and full-day spa treatments.  CLICK HERE to see more!